Mbabane Office Park (PSPF)  You are here: Technical Services - Land Sales & Development Control Land Sales Steps to follow when buying land in the city of Mbabane: 1. The City Planners do surveys and pegging 2. A resident applies to be allocated a plot by forwarding their request to zone leadership in form of a letter, birth certificate and national ID. Zone leaders then forward the application to the Allocations Committee. This committee is chaired by a person from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. After the AC has granted a plot the Council of Mbabane then sends a letter called "Offer To Lease". 3. Then you have to pay Commitment Fee. This Commitment Fee also uplift Building Ban. 4. On the Offer To Lease all payments to be made are specified 5. Paying your plot price can take up to a maximum of 5 years 6. After payment the plot is Registered to 99 Year Lease Agreement 7. The 99 Year Lease Agreement is renewed every after 99 years. Building Control Steps to follow when constructing a building in the City which can take up to a maximum of 6 weeks are as follows: 1. First you go to the Registry to get the following: Building Application Form (Form A). 2. Requirements are as follows: proof of ownership, local maps, plot number 3. The next step you proceed to Building Inspectors 4. The Application is then sent to SWSC, Fire, SPTC, SEC etc 5. From the above areas, it is then taken back to the City Planners to check coverage, building lines and parking 6. These documents are then forwarded to Road Works section within the Municipal Council for access road inspection 7. Then to the Health Section for further inspection pertaining health and the environment 8. Finally those documents are then submitted to City Engineer who can fail or give a go ahead with the development. To be clear development fails or pass while running all the above areas. The City Engineer looks at the following: - Comments made from all the areas that the application went through! - Based on the comments your application can fail or pass Social Networks Rates Calculator Complaints System Street Guide Check your Monthly Statements Information Centre Quick Links Weather