Electrical Maintenance Electrical maintenance is responsible for keeping the City's Traffic, Street and High mast lights functional and involves cleaning, repair or replacement of signal controllers, lamps, repairs to wiring, and light fixtures. Traffic lights are important as they regulate and control traffic movements at intersections thus minimizing traffic accidents and ensuring the safety of motorists and pedestrians, while street and high mast lights improve the safety of the public and reduces crime incidents. Traffic, Street and High mast lights are fixed within 24 hours of fault reporting as per the Minimum service Level Standards. All the City's traffic lights are now fitted with LED type lamps, which are low maintenance and power saving that last up to 5 years. The next phase is to fit all the City's Streets and High Mast lights with LED lamps over the next 3 to 5 financial years. Council is also exploring the use of solar powered traffic, street and high mast lights. You are here: Technical Services - Electrical Maintenance High Mast in the City    Social Networks Rates Calculator Complaints System Street Guide Check your Monthly Statements Information Centre Quick Links Weather