When do they become due and payable? They become due and payable at the expiry of thirty (30) days from the date of issue of the rates bill (invoice). The ratepayer may pay part or all of it before the due date. He can also approach Council to enter into an instalment arrangement effectively spreading payment over the remainder of the financial year to 31st March. It is not enough to only secure the instalment agreement it must also be honoured by paying the agreed amounts on the agreed dates otherwise it counts for nothing. The advantages of entering into and honouring ones' instalment arrangements are the following: i) You will not be sent a letter of final demand asking you to pay within a stipulated time failing which legal action will be taken against you. ii) You will not be sent a certified statement notifying you that judgement has been obtained against you for not paying your rates on time. iii) The balance sitting on your property account will not attract the statutory 15% p.a. interest for late payment. It will also not attract the additional 15% penalty to cover Council's collection costs in the event that your account gets handed over to collectors. WAYS TO ENCOURAGE EARLY SETTLEMENTS OF RATES As a way of incentivising its ratepayers towards early settlement of their property rates Council runs competitions. We divide our ratepayers into Residents and Commercial property owners. Winners in category get to win lucrative prizes. It is open to all property owners but Council employees who own property are encouraged not to take part to safeguard against conflict of interest and to maintain good corporate governance ethics. FAQs Technical Services Department Q: The tree which was along the road fell on my fence, can City Council please fix it. A: Kindly submit a formal claim in writing addressing it to the CEO attention for the Director Technical Services, who will then investigate the claim and advice accordingly. Q: I want to hire a grader to clear my plot how much can you charge me? A: Plant and equipment may be hired out to the City's residents strictly for use within the City's boundaries. However, this is subject to availability and Council's own work comitments. City residents may apply in writing to the CEO for the hire of Council's plant and equipment. If the application is successful the applicant will be contacted and asked to make the requireed payment at the Council revenue Office before release of the plant or equipment to the applicant. Q: I pay a lot of money for rates but my road is not tarred and I have been living in that place for 5 years now why? A: There is a program in our budget for tarring of roads. The ultimate goal is to have all the City's roads surfaced or tarred. The budget and the program is approved by the Councillors who are the representatives of the citizens of Mbabane. They prioritize and decide which roads are to be tarred each year. Please be patient your road will be included in the program in the near future. Q: There are big trees in my property can you cut them. A: I am sorry, the City Council does not cut trees which are inside people's properties. We only attend to trees which are along the roads (i.e. within the road reserve) or anywhere outside people's properties in Council owned land. We can only give you contact details of Contractors who offer tree cutting services Q: There is a big tree in my neighbors property which overlaps on mine and the dry leaves make a mess on my property. What shall I do? A: I suggest you talk to your neigbour about this. If he is not cooperative come back to Council and our Health Inspectors will be informed about this and they will contact your neighbour and instruct him or her to trim the trees. Please provide us with the plot number, and your phone number. Should you want to pursue this issue with the Health Inspectors, please call the Council offices at 24097000 and ask to be put through to the office of the health inspectorate. Q: I have been cutting grass and clearing vegetation on my property can you please come and collect the rubbish. A: Generally we do not collect grass, but we can collect it when time permits at a price stipulated per bakkie per load. Please contact Parks manager who will make arrangement for the collection of the rubbish. Q: There is a funeral at Extension 3 and there is no parking space for the mourners, can you clear the place next to that homestead please. A: I am sorry we do not clear people's properties, but depending on the circumstances, the Road Works Manager may assist, whenever equipment is available and his work schedule permits. But this is NOT a service Council is   required to provide! Q: Can I have the services of your brake down to come and pull my car which is stuck due to slippery road? A: I am sorry we do not provide that kind of service. However we will inform the Road Works Manager to attend to the slippery road as a matter of urgency. Q: There is a scrap vehicle in my plot. A: Sorry we do not remove scrap vehicles within private premises. You are, however, advised to remove it as according to the law you are responsible for its removal. You may try any of the big Garages in the City , to help you remove it at a cost Q: Do you sell old vehicle tyres? A: Yes we do, but on sealed bids or by public auction Council normally invite sealed bids or inform the public through the media whenever there is going to be an auction, If you would like to know more about this, please contact the Finance Department on extension 112. Q: The drainage inside my property is blocked, can you do something. A: A council technical team will go and inspect the site to verify the facts, However if the drainage was installed by City Council we will attend to it, but if it was not, the owner is responsible for it.  If your house was constructed after the road had been there the responsibility for controlling storm water remains with you. Q: Can you open a driveway to my property? A: We are not responsible for opening private driveways. We only fix problems caused by our work crews. Q: We request Council to erect street lights in our area. A: There is a program in our budget for erecting street lights. The budget and program are approved by the Councillors. Please try to find out from your Councillor if your area has been catered for in this financial year. However, it is in Council's interest and plan to have all the streets with lights in a long term plan. You are here: Frequently Asked Questions Social Networks Rates Calculator Complaints System Street Guide Check your Monthly Statements Information Centre Quick Links Weather