You are here: Social Service - Public Health Municipal Council Public Health Unit This unit is responsible for the Social Welfare of the residence of the City.  The services offered are strictly for the residents of Mbabane, putting focus on marginalized population. The nurses at the Council provide primary health care services which are: Health promotion and disease prevention Curative services Palliative services Under Health promotion and Disease prevention the following is provided: Immunisation of children under the age of 5 and assessment of immunisation status of children at the child care facilities which include Pre-Schools, Day-Cares, and Social Centres etc. Conduct Health education in businesses e.g. in Retails outlets, workshops, communities and even one-on-one family. Family planning services where we distribute family planning commodities in some of the doctors around the city. Integrated supervision on private surgeries or private doctors within the Central Business District (CBD) Under Curative Services the following is provided:  Treatment of minor ailments such as flue, headache, diarrhoea, vomiting etc. Under Palliative Services the following is provided: Conduct home visits to chronically and terminally ill clients Attending to social concerns/problems in individual families Social Networks Under 5's at the Pre-School during Public Health Nurses visit  Rates Calculator Complaints System Street Guide Check your Monthly Statements Information Centre Quick Links Weather