Public Transportation Permits Public transportation permits renewal In terms of the Road Transportation Act number 5 of 2007, all applications for all modes of road transportation must be recommended by the local authority before being taken to the Road Transportation Board for approval. All Transport Associations are required by law to submit the relevant forms in duplicate to the Municipal Council for fresh, renewals or permit amendments recommendations to the Road Transport Board (RTB) After recommendation by the Municipality the application forms must be taken to the Road Transportation Board by the authorized members of the relevant Regional Transport association. Council will only accept application forms from authorized members of the Regional Transport Associations which are registered with the Director of Road Transportation Board in terms of section 12 of the Road Transportation regulations issued through legal notice 9 of 2012. Trasnport operators must submit their forms to their Regional Association, who then forwards them to Council. Council processes the forms within 3 days after receipt. The forms should be left with the Secretary of Technical Services Department every Wednesday of the week for collection On Friday of the same week.Download Public Road Permit Application Form You are here: Technical Services - Public Transportation Permits The City Bus Rank    Social Networks Rates Calculator Complaints System Street Guide Check your Monthly Statements Information Centre Quick Links Weather